About the owner of this site. Grew up on a farm and plowed,tilled,seeded,and harvested all crops. Also found out how to graft tree branches from apple to cherry trees, then added a pear,plum onto this tree. Loved the different colors of bloom in the spring and enjoyed the harvest also. Started with 1 apple,1 pear, 1 cherry tree. by grafting found out what grew best with different root systems. Had 2500 chickens in cages. all laying hens with water and food in front of them at all times. The barns were cool or hotter when needed. Found out how to cook. Had 3 acres of garden, fruit on trees and cucumber,squash beans growing up into trees and around fence posts. Water I made from the sun by digging trenches in ground and using different plastics and hoses was able to sub stain most of crops.Had fun doing all these things and become a man of funds in the bank.