The Amazing Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

The amazing exercise benefits for seniors is well worth your effort and it is crucial you choose the correct type of exercise to suit your particular body and health limitations.

We impress upon you as a senior to make it your responsibility to discuss your exercise program with a fully qualified health professional prior to beginning your fitness exercise routine.

This article was written to help seniors over 55 years interested in a high quality Fitness exercise program that focuses on the amazing exercise benefits for seniors and how to perform your exercise without injury.

Here are some amazing fitness and exercise benefits for seniors:-

* Increases self confidence
* Provides a feeling of youthfulness
* Reduces inflammation
* Overcomes depression
* Increases energy
* Can help to slow down or diminish the effects of chronic illness
* Increases flexibility
* Lowers cholesterol
* Lowers blood pressure
* Increases brain activity (may delay the onset of Dementia etc)

You as a senior will need to start every fitness exercise session with about 5 minutes of moving your arms backwards and forwards followed by jogging on the spot (this is called cardio exercise) because it gets your heart, lungs and blood pumping. Follow this with a number of slow easy stretching exercises for your arms, legs and back. Gradually increase the pace of your exercises. Be careful not to do too much too soon or you will injure yourself.

Once you feel sufficiently warmed up it will be safe to start your fitness exercise routine. Every fitness exercise program will enhance your physical and mental well being. Physical activity will also help control your weight, it contributes towards healthy bones, stronger muscles and joints, relieves the pain of arthritis, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can decrease the need for hospitalizations.

Fitness exercises will help in rejuvenating your body, not make it worse. You may feel a little soreness, discomfort or fatigue this is normal. It is important that if you feel light headed, or you have shortness of breath, a quick severe headache, are sweating profusely, suffering with chest or stomach pains, or pains anywhere else, you must stop your fitness exercising immediately. If symptoms persist, contact your doctor immediately. If you have a condition that alters your heart rate, or are on medication that alters your heart rate don’t use your pulse to judge how fast your heart is or should be beating.


Fitness exercises for seniors will help to extend your life and in addition, exercise can maintain your mobility, keep muscles strong, promote good balance, and combat frailty. Enhancing your fitness will also increase your metabolic rate and burn calories, decrease body fat, improve immune function and promote bone density.

This will only help if you do fitness exercises on a regular basis even if your work-out program only lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes per day,

We recommend, especially for older men and women over 55, these 5 easy stretching and fitness exercise.

1. Shoulder Rotation.

In this stretching and fitness exercise, you will need to lay down on something that is easily accessible and comfortable for you in a totally relaxed manner. The first part of the fitness exercise is to stretch your arms downwards. Gently stretch your hands open and maintain for a few seconds. For the next, stretch and fitness exercise lift both arms upwards and maintain this position for several seconds. This is a useful exercise to strengthen your shoulders.

2. Walking.

We consider this is a great form of exercise for seniors. Walking is easy for most people and is the most natural form of exercise. This can be performed just about anywhere indoors (walking on the spot) outdoors or even your local shopping mall. When you walk you burn calories, increase cardio fitness and retain strength in the legs.

Your physical and mental well being will improve with the right exercise.

3. Balancing using a Table

In stretching exercises for seniors this is your easiest stretching exercise in the program. To perform this exercise safely what you need is a table or something heavy or solid to hang on to. You will need to stand close to the object you choose for support while trying to slowly balance on your toes. You need to perform this exercise slowly and cautiously when raising and lowering your body by bending your toes.

4. The arm Raised Exercise

You can relax as you do this exercise by sitting in a chair or on the edge of a bed. This is a great stretching and fitness exercise to strengthen your shoulders. Simply raise your left or right arm stretching as high as possible holding this pose for a few seconds then change arms, this exercise can be performed several times throughout your day.

5. The V shaped stretches

Maybe the hardest stretch and fitness exercise of all, depending on your physical, fitness and health levels. You will simply need to bend your body in the middle (waist line) and allow your head, shoulders, arms and hands to hang straight down assisted by gravitation so you can form as close as possible a v-type shape.

There was a point, a long time ago, when looking aged was a sign of your life experiences. However, this is no longer the case. Instead, it shows how little you have taken care of yourself throughout your lifetime.

It is a wildly held belief that 60 is now the new 40 and 70 is the new 50. If you maintain a fitness routine and eat healthily throughout your life then turning 55 and beyond need not seem like it is all down-hill from “here”.

To find out more about the amazing benefits of exercise for seniors, go to Fitness and Health Ideas. Don’t put off taking action if you believe this type of low impact fitness and health exercise will benefit you. YOU MUST START RIGHT NOW. The exercise will greatly increase your fitness and health plus your physical and mental well being will be better for it.

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