Water Aerobics – The Best Exercise for Seniors

Strength, flexibility and stamina for the proper functioning of the human body are what seniors require to face the physical challenges of life. As you age you find more and more activities become increasingly difficult to perform. Many seniors become less active in society, not because of poor health or laziness but it’s more to do with the fear of falling or injuring themselves. Water aerobics is an ideal fitness activity for seniors because the buoyancy of water supports 90 percent of your body, yet due to its density provides enough resistance to promote muscle strength.

All fitness exercise sessions begin with a warm-up, which incorporates slow cardio and stretching exercises to get your blood pumping and your muscles working, preparing for the increased activity of your fitness exercise and finishes with a cooling down routine, where your limbs and other parts of your body are stretched and relaxed. According to estimations, you will burn between 500 and 700 calories in a 40-45 minute fitness water aerobics exercise session.

Strenuous fitness exercises like running, jogging and bike riding have been credited with reducing cholesterol, high blood pressure and the prevention of heart disease. Walking on land burns 135 calories in half an hour while walking in deep water (for the same period of time) burns 264 calories.

Did you know that water aerobics has also achieved the same desired results? The natural buoyancy of water supports the body and relieves the stress on joints, tendons and ligaments. Water’s gentle support enables easy and effortless movements and can help seniors exercise their full body with low impact fitness exercise routines. With a water aerobics fitness exercise routine you can work within your own comfort zone, without any strain. This is the most common complaint by people performing land based fitness exercises.

Both your fine motor movements and your larger muscles and joints get a thoroughly good workout, because of the supportive nature of the water and its temperature of 82º F to 86º F, which also reduces the chance of any injury or falling. Try to use a salt water pool in preference to a chemical laden pool.

Over time as your confidence levels increase so will your desire to improve your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility with your fitness and health exercise routines. It will also help your brain and may help prevent dementia while the increased blood flow to your brain will help you think better.

Include activities you enjoy so you won’t view your fitness and health routines as a chore. You are more likely to make a commitment to good fitness and health exercise routines if you enjoy what you’re are doing and achieving.

If you suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis you need water aerobics or swimming fitness exercises to eliminate the impact on your joints. As the blood circulation increases it will help lubricate your joints as well as reduce or relieve your pain.

Seniors’ fitness exercises need to be kept simple, flowing and above all safe for all seniors irrespective of their fitness levels. You may prefer to start doing these senior fitness exercises listed below by yourself.

Two important points you need to consider:

A. You as a senior need to make it your responsibility to discuss your exercise program with a fully qualified health professional (doctor) prior to beginning your fitness exercise routine.

B. You as a senior need to make it your responsibility to make sure you don’t attempt any fitness exercises without people present in case of an health emergency.

Here are some amazing fitness and exercise benefits for seniors:-

* Provides a feeling of youthfulness
* Increases self confidence
* Can help to slow down or diminish the effects of chronic illness
* Increase flexibility
* Lower cholesterol
* Lower blood pressure
* Reduce inflammation
* Overcome depression
* Increase energy

In a senior’s fitness and exercise class you would not be expected to do movements like jumping, over stretching or anything complicated or jolting. You need smooth and easy flowing movements that are gentle on your joints but still raise and maintain your heart rate. The major reason for doing aerobic fitness exercises is to enhance your metabolic rate and burn calories, decrease body fat, increase your flexibility and build muscle strength, improve your immune system and promote bone density.

Even those in varying stages of recovery from ailments can experience improved health and faster healing with a water aerobics fitness and exercise routine.

The health benefits of water aerobics for seniors can be incalculable

Please remember, before you engage in any weight loss diet, product, or program, including water aerobics, make sure that you have full comprehension of its effects and possible side effects. Being knowledgeable about the possible risks associated with water aerobics will enable you to perform the exercises to suit your personal circumstances.

To find out more about water aerobics and the fitness and health benefits to you, go to Fitness and Health Ideas. Don’t put off taking action if you believe this type of low impact fitness and health exercise will benefit you. YOU MUST START RIGHT NOW. The exercise will greatly increase your fitness and health plus your physical and mental well being will be better for it.

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